Reasons to choose arbitration
  • Arbitration is a modern, fast, confidential, flexible and cost-effective form of resolving commercial disputes.
  • Through arbitration disputes are finally resolved, and the arbitral award is subject to enforcement in the same manner as any other court decision. Pursuant to the New York Convention of 1958 and the European Convention of 1961, arbitral awards are recognised and enforceable practically in the whole world.
  • The arbitration proceedings are single-instance procedures – arbitral awards are not subject to appealing before a state court or another authority. Once entered into force, arbitral awards cannot be set aside by a court, except in extremely limit...
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Advantages of the KRIB Court of Arbitration
  • The Arbitration Council and the Arbitration Panel of the Court are comprised of experienced lawyers with solid legal training and versatile qualification – leading lawyers from some of the largest Bulgarian law firms and international law firms in Bulgaria, lawyers with extensive academic and practical expertise, as well as legal advisers of companies of significant importance to the Bulgarian economy.
  • The members of the Arbitration Council and the Arbitration Panel of the Court are experts in domestic and international arbitration, having a detailed knowledge of the specifics of the different types of businesses, industries and economic sectors in the country. Thus, th…
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